To sign a declaration against the massacre in Camp Ashraf and protection of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty residents


The brutal massacre of Ashraf residents on September 1, 2013, which left 52 Martyrs and 7 hostages was committed by Iraqi forces under the order of Khamenei and Maliki, was a big crime against humanity and should not be kept in the silence and neglected. Khamenei, struggling with domestic and international problems, strongly needed this massacre which is another side of the chemical attack on the outskirts of Damascus and slaughtering hundreds of civilians, including children.

We, signatories of this declaration, condemn the apathy and ignorance of international organizations against these heinous crimes of Iran’s ruling mullahs and their puppet government in Iraq, asking the Iranians around the world and people with conscience and dignity of other nations to support and defend residents of Camp Liberty and Camp Ashraf. Alongside with Iranians we require Europe Union, the U.S. government and the United Nations to call on the following measures:

First: Attempt to immediate release 7 hostages of the attack. Second: To depose Iraqi forces from Camp Ashraf and Liberty and replace them with United Nations Blue Helmets to protect them until the end of demobilization process of the camp residents to Europe or the U.S.

Third: Establishment of an international panel of impartial investigation and refer the case of September 1 massacre to the Security Council in order to justice and punish those responsible.

E-mail address to sign in support of this statement:

Valerie Hughes Irish citizen

Goya Liebig

Soren Liebig

Klaus Liebig
Anne Liebig
Klaus Keller
Martin Erikson

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